Monday, May 16, 2011

#16 - See a Space Shuttle Launch

We did it. After several reschedules, a last minute scrub and more rescheduling, I can now check off #16 off my life list, see a space shuttle launch.

On May 16 at 8:56 AM (EST), the shuttle Endeavour lifted from Kennedy Space Center. Coincidentally, today was the 19th anniversary of Endeavour's inaugural flight ... to the day!

The whole experience was overwhelming, really. I cried, I cheered and I was surrounded by hundreds of others who had made the same trek.

Pictures will never do this experience justice. If you want to see what the pros captures, chcek out the NASA page. Otherwise, here are the photos that Bob took while I was too busy clapping, cheering and sobbing!

We arrived at the Causeway before sunrise.
The shuttle was still lit with flood lights.
Shuttle after sunrise.
Shuttle after arm has been lifted.

At this point, we felt a wave of heat wash over us.
The sound had not reached us at this point.

I was surprised how bright it was.
A night launch must be spectacular.

There was a low cloud cover, so no high-in-the sky shots.
Still, totally worth it!

This gives a sense of the people density on the NASA Causeway.

During the launch. Yes, I'm crying.
Post-launch and all smiles!
So glad that Bob and I could have this adventure together.

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