Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project: Life List

Picture by flying white
Here is my life list - a running list of things I want to do, in no particular order. This list is inspired by a blog I read, Mighty Girl.
What is this life list stuff? It's all those things that have words associated with them like “I’ve always wanted to visit that place” or “wouldn’t it be fun to try this” or “I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that."

Sometimes I forget the things I want to do and try, so this list will be helpful in that regard. It will also be a good reminder that I just need to make time and plan for these adventures and experiences.

So, without further ado ... my list:

1. Gondola ride in Venice
2. Visit the Biggest Ball of String in Minnesota
3. Go on a tour of the US Capitol
4. Southwest US National Park Tour
5. New England in the Fall to see the changing leaves
6. Multi-month Mediterranean trip (Northern Africa/Southern Europe)
7. Give a talk to an audience of over 500 people
8. Help during harvest on a farm
9. Milk a cow
10. Participate in an overseas service project
11. Take dancing lessons
12. Learn to bake really good bread
13. Start my own small business
14. Have a repertoire of 12 songs on the accordion
15. Spend the night in the wilderness, alone
16. See a space shuttle launch
17. Read the texts of the major world religions
18. Pet a lion, tiger or other big cat
19. See the Aurora Borealis
20. Help five other people achieve something on their Life List (#1, #2, #3, #4 and #5)
21. Own a potter’s wheel and kiln
22. Learn to play the harmonica
23. Attend each of my nieces’ high school graduation
24. Take my nieces on a memorable trip
25. Participate in a Moth storytelling event
26. Have a “Readers Write” piece published in The Sun
27. Write lyrics for a musical
28. Host a fantastic girls’ weekend
29. Create an anonymous public art project
30. Take a photography class
31. Make a dutch baby pancake
32. Attend a TED event
33. Make a quilt
34. Ride on a motorcycle
35. Visit all four of my grandparents' graves
36. Make an article of clothing for myself
37. Participate in a Scrabble tournament
38. Attend the Olympics
39. Attend a rodeo
40. Have a mud bath
41. Help someone overcome a fear
42. Go on a multi-day kayak trip
43. Live outside the country for a year
44. See the monarch butterflies in Michoacan, Mexico
45. Walk across the Golden Gate bridge
46. Chicago for St. Patrick's Day
47. Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
48. Watch plane land at Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten
49. Refinish a piece of furniture
50. Put a lock on the Locks Fountain in Montivedo with Bob
51. Make a two-tier chocolate cake (and frosting) from scratch 
52. Spend the night on a sailboat
53. Attend a taping of a TV or game show
54. Be an extra in a movie or TV show
55. Attend a sporting event in another country
56. See the 9/11 memorial, Reflecting Absence, in NYC
57. Host a multi-course vegetarian dinner party for 12.
58. Take a painting class
59. Take a cooking class in another country
60. Learn to hula hoop
61. Make a meal from mushrooms that I foraged
62. See a silent movie with piano accompaniment
63. Drink beer, eat chocolate and see the Manneken Pis statue in Belgium
64. Go to the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC
65. Go to Cuba!
66. Attend Burning Man
67. Self-publish a book of my own
68. . ...more to come

Have you created a life list? Feel free to post a link below. I love seeing what others have on their "list". Also, if you need some inspiration to get started, you can check out these tips at Chookooloonks.

Here's to new adventures, learning new things and "going for it."


Lau said...

Hey there! I found you off Chookooloonks-- I just loved reading both of your accounts of the ice cream maker saga. What a wonderful, generous gesture.

Here's my mighty life list, if you're interested: http://inwideningcircles.com/mighty-life-list/

Lisa said...

I love your list! Especially #25. I love those Moth stories. I have a life list too and it's been really fun checking things off. Best of luck with yours! : )

MamaRobinJ said...

Great list! I have a life list too, and there are a few similarities on it. Mine was inspired by Chookooloonks, which is how I found yours.

Helping 5 others with theirs is so great! Can I steal that?

Here's mine: http://farewellstranger.com/2011/03/23/my-life-list/