Saturday, December 31, 2011

Appreciate the Moment

"It’s sad to me when I see people who are with their significant other or their children and they are not really understanding how critically important it is to appreciate that moment. Because that’s all life is. It’s little moments pasted together. The only thing that’s important in your life are relationships." - Peg Reiter, widow of Jerry Schad

I recently read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune about the widow of Jerry Schad and how she is coping after his death earlier this year. Schad was a legend in San Diego for his series of hiking guides which encouraged city dwellers to get out and explore the beautiful San Diego back country and even the urban canyons. The quote above, was from the closing of that article. It resonated with me so much and was a great reminder about prioritizing and capturing all the little moments of life.

As I reflect on all the adventures and projects that happened in 2011, I feel very grateful. From starting my own business, to checking things of the life list, to seeing a live seal birth, to great memory-making visits with friends and family. These just scratches the surface.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to 2012, to make more memories, to learn new things, to push myself, to say yes to things that are scary, and to enjoy the journey. Happy New Year!

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