Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Travel Buzz

We leave in a few days for Spain. I have that excited feeling that can only be described as the travel buzz. I am ready for the excitement of airports, navigating public transit, exploring cities, trying new foods, spending time with Bob, meeting new people, enjoying different landscapes and visiting museums. 

Planning the trip is always part of the fun for me, and I like planning my gear and packing too. I know ... kind of strange. But, I like to get as much taken care of up front, so I can be ready for the unexpected opportunities once we land. I am packing light, just my Eagle Creek travel back pack and a small day bag. When in doubt, leave it out.

Our itinerary includes Madrid, Cordoba, Granada and Barcelona in 16 days. We probably could have added more, but we find we like to pick a spot and stay for at least three nights to get a better flavor of the place. We will have one overnight train ride too, from Granada to Barcelona, which I am excited about. We will have our own little sleeping cubby. The only other overnight train ride I took was in India... I am sure just about anything will be calmer than that experience.

We will be in Spain for Valentine's Day and also our 100-month anniversary. Oh, and this trip is also a lead up to my 40th birthday. So much to be thankful for and so excited to finally be traveling again. I'll have sangria and tapas for your all!

Photo Credit: Ludovico Cera

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