Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh May, Oh My

Where did the month of May go? We are keeping busy at the lovely Sea Ranch. Here are some of the highlights from the month.

Seals - We wrapped up our docent duty with the seals. We had three shifts this year and saw a seal birth on our first shift of the season. That makes two for two, as we saw a birth last year too! There are folks that have volunteer for over 10 years and have still not seen one, so we realize how lucky we are to see it twice.

Eclipse - Bob got crafty with an old amazon.com box, foil and paper and made a box so we could safely view the eclipse. It worked!

Hikes - The past couple of Sunday morning we have made time to go outside for nature walks on new trails. Well, new for me, since Bob has walked just about every inch of trail up here. The Salal Trail is a great mix of riparian vegetation and a waterfall grotto that gives way to sweeping coastal views along the bluff trail. A big mix for just a two-mile trail. Click here to see a few photos of the Salal Trail from a local photographer.

We also walked the San Andrea Fault interpretive trail near the Sea Ranch Hot Spot. This is a well-done trail with an informational brochure and 21 stopping points that explain the various remnants on the landscape from geologic activity and the old logging days near the Gualala River.

Picnic - The annual fundraising picnic for the volunteer fire department was held over Memorial Day. Huge turn out and very well organized. Even Smokey Bear arrived to kick off the kids games, such as tug-o-war and sack race. We had our fill of veggie burger, beans, slaw, home made desserts and washed it down with some Lagunitas beer, who was kind enough to donate beer for the event. Small town living at its best.

On tap for June:

  • Hosting a long-distance cyclist
  • Emma visits
  • Trip to San Diego for work (Sophia)
  • Signing a new contract for a project (woo hoo)
  • Getting a new (to us) hybrid
  • Continuing to train for a 5K (Bob)

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