Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good Morning September

There is a noticeable chill in the air and my mind is already turning to fall. I want to smell things like cinnamon and pumpkin and pull the sweaters to the front of the closet. It’s the Mendocino County Fair and cooler temperatures inland. Some of the most beautiful days at The Sea Ranch are ahead. September and October are beautiful. Clear days, the wind seems to die down a bit and most of the vacationers have gone home. It goes from quiet to VERY quiet. If you want to visit us, just drop an email.

I enjoyed a few summer adventures, including a trip to Portland, a long weekend getaway to Tahoe, and house-sitting in Santa Barbara. Have you ever been to Tahoe in the summer? In my mind, it was a winter destination. Goodness, what a beautiful spot in the summer. We rented a cute and pet-friendly little studio and had a great time. Kayaking out of Sand Harbor was beautiful. 

August marked the one year anniversary of my company, Sophia Mitchell & Associates. Hard to believe it has already been a year. Getting the renewal for my business insurance was the first reminder (ca-ching). I guess it is a good sign that time rolled along. I kept busy with environmental review for a wireless tower network for a water district, ad-hoc writing support for another consultant and three projects with one of my favorite clients.

Of course, I always have my side projects too. I am helping my Rotarian buddy self publish his first novel, Dreams of Life. It’s essentially a project management task, and, boy, do I love those. It’s been fun to learn the ins-and-outs of CreateSpace, Kindle and social media marketing tactics for the book. However, what I am enjoying most about the project is helping someone get their creative work out there.

Looking ahead for the rest of the year, I plan to check a few things off the life list. Any input on which to do next? I am thinking learn to hula hoop would be a good start! Maybe Bob and I can sneak off for a quick trip back east to see the changing colors. I am always looking for ways to help other people check things off their lift list. What is on yours and how can I help you?

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