Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting to Know the Gualala River

Since our arrival, we have made three trips to the Gualala River. The river serves as the dividing line between Sonoma and Mendocino Counties near the coast. We live on the Sonoma side and the grocery store and post office are on the Mendo side, so we are aware of the river when we drive "to town" a few times a week.

Do you remember that crazy scheme where that Alaska businessman wanted to bag water from Northern California and tow it down to San Diego for drinking water? Well one of the rivers that nut wanted to collect from was the Gualala River. Anyway, that plan never came to fruition and subsequently, the river was declared a recreation area.

Our first time to the river was for kayaking for Bob's birthday. We made a few subsequent trips with our friends Clay, Nikki and their sweet little boy, who were visiting for a few days. All of our experiences to the river have included a little delight and discovery and most recent, Himalaya berries ... yum!

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