Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to Rural

I grew up in the suburbs and most recently shared a city with over 1,000,000 people. Moving to a place where the population sign reads pop. 280 and the nearest hospital is two hours away is quick reminder that you are rural and remote.

Over the weekend we went to a community safety information fair where we learned all about the various emergency response planning efforts in the community. Exciting topics like fire-reistant gels, fire modeling, fuel mangement, pet disaster preparedness and more. Even the canine unit from the Sheriff's Department was there.

Anyway, disasters you say? In this paradise? Oh, yes. Where to start. First of all, the San Andreas fault is close by and bends off towards the ocean just north of here. Next, let's talk tsunamis. Carefully marked tsunami evacuation routes dot the area. Then, the big one, FIRE, which may explain why we have two of these attached to our house:

Earthquake, tsunami, fire ... sounds a lot like San Diego. When we lived in San Diego, we were very good about have an emergency kit with water, food, and other essential. We were prepared for three to four days. Watching houses burn on TV during the two San Diego fires was enough to have us get ourselves in order when it came to this stuff. The word here is that one should be prepared for up to two weeks of self sufficiency after a significant disaster. Two weeks? Time to start stocking up the canned soup, pet food and water.

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