Sunday, September 5, 2010

Presenting ... The Pay 'n Take

The first Saturday of the month is a bargain shopping event called the Pay 'n Take. Community members donate items through the month and then once a month the extravaganza is held at the Gualala Community Center. It's entirely volunteer run and the money raised at the sale goes towards community activities.

The Pay 'n Take (a.k.a The Push 'n Shove) was one of the first things that Kim from the home rental company told us about. While we are renting a furnished house, there are a few little odds and ends that we have been missing. So, we keep a running list to try to find these items at the Pay 'n Take. Some of the bargains I picked up this week include:
Four puzzles, including a neat vintage round one of a golf course (.25 each).
Vintage Indian Archery set ($1)

Nice wheel thrown vase, perfect for holding our weekly CSA flowers ($2)
Extra wine glasses (.25 each)

Bridgette card game "the greatest two-hand bridge game ever conceived". Wow .. and for only a quarter!

So, if you enjoy a bargain and you are planning to come up and visit us, you might want to time your visit so it falls on the first Saturday of the month. Can't wait to see what next month will hold at the Pay 'n Take.

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