Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Trip: Mendocino

We were planning to go to Denver last weekend, but our trip was postponed due to Chaucer the cat getting sick. (I am happy to report he is doing much better!) Not wanting to call the weekend a total waste we hopped in the car and drove up the coast to the town of Mendocino. Just about 1.5 hours away, the town of Mendocino is picture perfect (but I totally forgot to take pictures).

Mendocino is where episodes of Murder, She Wrote were filmed. Do you remember that long-running 80's TV show with Angela Landsbury as the mystery writer who helped solve murders? The town was hopping with a lot of visitors since Mendocino was one of the hubs of the County-wide mushroom festival. The downtown main street is super charming, with dozens and dozens of 100+ year old hotels, stores and homes. Early logging money built the town, but now it's clearly a tourist destination.

Highway 1 between The Sea Ranch and Mendocino is dotted with a few tiny towns here and there, but it is really undeveloped with sweeping ocean views or lush green fields with cows or sheep.

I've never been to Ireland, but I imagine it would look a little something like this stretch of the coast.

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