Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meeting the Local Vet

There is one vet in a 50-mile radius. Fortunately he is a good-natured and practical kind of vet. He says it like it is and doesn't candy coat a thing. We've come to know him quite well over the past couple of weeks since Chaucer has developed a certain gastrointestinal condition and spent a few nights at the vet. Without going into gory detail, Chaucer has been diagnosed with megacolon. You can click here if you want a quick overview.

I'll save Chaucer the embarrassment and won't tell you all of the creative things the vet had to do to get him to poop. Poor kitty ... poor vet! The three x-rays of his colon were pretty cool though.

We are happy to have our big boy home and recovering. He'll be on a special diet and likely require daily medication, but the prognosis appears to be good at this point. We expect him to be up and playing word games and picking fights with the other cat in the next couple of days.