Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Trip: Humboldt

This past weekend we made a quick trip 36 hour trip to Humboldt. It's about 4.5 hour drive from here, all quite scenic. The purpose of our trip was the see Frank Warren of the PostSecret project speak at Humboldt State. It was such a great experience, it deserves its own blog post (coming soon!)

I love Arcata. Living there for four years while attending Humboldt State made a lasting impression. When I left Arcata in 1996 to move to San Diego, I literally cried for the first hour of driving. I've been back a few times since graduation, but this was Bob's first trip to Arcata. What is always strange to me is that I feel like I met Bob while I was at Humboldt, and when I tell college stories, I just assume he was a part of them. I didn't meet him until four years after I left Humboldt, but I guess after a while we just weave the love of your life into all the stories of your life ... whether they were there or not.

While in town, we dined at Folie Douce, picked up bagels from Los Bagels, a loaf of Brio Bread and a case of Larrupin's mustard. We took a quick side trip to Trinidad to walk on the beach. That was Tender's favorite part.

On the drive back home, we took the Avenue of the Giants route, which runs through Humbolt Redwoods State Park and parallel to Highway 101. Man, oh, man how I love big trees. There is a nice visitors center along the route where we watched an old-school video of the 1964 Eel River floods that roared through the area. It wiped out dozes of key bridges, rail lines and essentially shut off much of the north coast area for months. Some towns were completely destroyed and never rebuilt.

The final leg of the return was down Highway 1. We were treated to a gorgeous sunset and super calm ocean waters. Just perfect. Bottom line, there is no place like Northern California.


designsbyjanessa said...

I, too, miss Humboldt. You're right...there is no place like Northern California but also there is no place like Humboldt County. Long live the Redwoods!! :)

Freedom said...

I'd don't know much about Humboldt, but I'd love to get out that way someday to see the giant redwoods. I bet it's an amazing site.