Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yesterday was my 39th birthday. Bob took me to lunch at the lodge and we went to a talk at the local art center in the evening. A simple, quiet birthday ... which reflects how we are living our life up here right now. Oh, there were presents too ... a cheese making kit, a "Quilting for Dummies" book and a new pair of warm woolly slippers. I am looking forward to eating cheese while I make my first quilt while wearing my new slippers. I sound like an old lady.

I feel thankful for all the good things that seem to find their way into my life: my partner in adventure and life ( Bob!), my supportive family (both the Habl and the Mitchell clans) and my inspiring and eclectic group of friends. You are the best and I appreciate you, even if I don't tell you it often enough. Thanks for making my first 39 years pretty freakin' awesome.

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