Sunday, March 13, 2011

#37 - Participate in a Scrabble Tournament

Last night I had an opportunity to check off another item from my life list (participate in a Scrabble tournament). Bob's parents were also in town, so the four of us made the short drive up the coast to attend.

The event was held at the library in Point Arena and included 14 tables/28 players. Each participant played three games/rounds and the overall winners were based upon who had the highest combined score from the three games. I wasn't sure what to expect, or how I would do. Bob and I like to play Scrabble and I play an on-line game called Literati (a Scrabble knockoff).

The game play was a little stressful. Each game was 25 minutes, so you needed to play pretty quickly. That had to be balanced with not playing reckless, so as to miss opportunities or set your opponent up with valuable squares. Some players were serious, others were there to have fun. I tried to blend the two.

Ready for the Scrabble fun. Can't quite contain my excitement.

Opening play. I guess Scrabble "action shots" are not very exciting, hah!

Bob waiting for his opponent. That's his unassuming "I will trounce you with a triple word score before you know it" look.

I ended up in the neighborhood of 800 points between the three games, which put me in 4th place (!!!) at the finish! Local merchants donated prizes for the top four finishers.

Folks, guess what my prize was ... it was a truck full of z'nure. Z'nure, you might ask? It's zebra manure. There is an animal preserve up here and they donated poop! Apparently it is fantastic for gardens. Unfortunately we don't have a garden. So, I'll be looking for someone to gift the poo to, so  it won't be wasted. Seriously, winning a couple rounds of golf or dinner for two sounds pretty mundane compared to a truck load full of zebra manure!

I'd be remiss if I didn't share some photos of the adorable sweet treats that the little local bakery, Franny's Cup and Saucer made. Cute shortbread cookies that looked like Scrabble tiles and cupcakes with edible tile toppers. Adorable AND delicious!

Overall a fun and well-organized evening!

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