Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Lambs

You may have seen my earlier post about the sheep that perform prescriptive grazing at The Sea Ranch. Well, spring has sprung and there are dozens and dozens of adorable baby lambs.

They are so playful and wobbly. At the same time, they are very demanding for their mothers, bleating loudly to find their mom and then when they do, aggressively hitting her udders to make the milk drop so they can be fed. Well, enough text, let's get on with the adorable lamb photos!

We are now waiting for the seal pups to be born. I suspect that will be another post of adorableness. In the mean time, enjoy the spring where ever you are.


Kathy said...


Thanks for this blog. We live in Sacramento and have been going to Sea Ranch for years. We're heading over for spring break in a few days (april 16th) for a week, and I was wondering the status of the seal pups. I googled "seal pups at Sea Ranch 2011" and got your blog!

BTW, I'm originally from San Diego (Chula Vista actually). My hubby and I dream of doing what you and Bob are doing...or just retiring at TSR.

Kathy (you can email me at to continue a conversation)

Kathy said...

I can't tell if my comment showed up...