Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handmade for the Holidays - Gifts for Pets

Welcome to my Handmade for the Holidays series. Today I am featuring some handmade items from Etsy sellers that are perfect for your pets.According to an poll, about 50% of pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season. If you are part of that 50%, perhaps you might consider some of these cute little hand made items below. I have picks for dogs, cats, birds and even hamsters.

Copper Dog Tag ($16)

Tessa Long is based in Montana and makes stylish pet tags that put those old plastic ones to shame. Tags are available in a variety of styles and metal options.

Carrot Dog Treats ($6 for two dozen)
Keep your dog's tail wagging with some delicious homemade dog treats. The carrot dog treats from Wagging Tails Gourmet contain carrots, banana, homemade applesauce, oats and whole wheat flour. Yum. Other flavors, including cheese, graham, peanut butter and pumpkin are available.  I will also give a non-Etsy plug to one of the local farmers in my town who makes Ranch Bones. Our dog loves the peanut butter Ranch Bones.

Dog Collar ($24)
Arizona-based Fairy Tail Collars make all sorts of fun collar for pets, including holiday-specific styles. She has both quick release and Martingale styles, which are great for skinny headed dogs like greyhounds. Hop on over to her page and take a look at all the fun styles.

Cozy Pet Tunnel ($19)

Nature's Adornments has a complete pet shop filled with over 200 items for your pets, including lots of cute doggie coats as well as cozy pet tunnels, as pictured here. Lots of size and color options available.

Cat Bowl ($22)

Twister River Clay in based in Connecticut and has beautiful pottery, including some adorable pet bowls. Have a look at their beautiful Etsy shop, you may find something for yourself too.

Natural Sisal Scratcher ($69)

Save the furniture and pick up a hand crafted scratching post instead. Mountain Cat Trees make a variety of scratching posts and cat trees in the Massachusetts studio. They are offering free shipping through December 15th.

Spider Cat Toy ($5)
Here is a crochet spider cat toy get get the hunter instinct going in your feline. Includes long string to shake it and drive your cat crazy. These are made by Esty seller Lukesmom6. In addition to cat toys, she has all manner of sweet crocheted items, including hats, purses and baby items.

Bird Toy ($12)
Here is a colorful wooden bird toy for your feathered friend. Etsy seller BMDmemories makes a variety of colorful wooden bird toys.

Cozy Hamster Bed ($5)

Cozy Hamster Bed ($5)
OK, I had to feature this product with two photos not only because I know people that have sweet little rats and gerbils, but also because these picture is so freakin' cute. Rachel Schell is based out of Spokane and has a variety of crafted items. 

11 X 14 Custom Pet Portrait ($95)
Capture your pet forever with a pet portrait. I guess this isn't really a gift for your pet, but more a gift for you. Kristen Dougherty is based in Colorado and has original paintings in her Etsy shop, as well as the option for custom pet portraits. There are quite a few pet portrait artists on Etsy. If you click here, you can see lots of options and styles from different artists.

There you have it. Some of my picks from Etsy that would fun gifts for the pets on your list. Check out my previous posts on Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Map Geeks, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, and Gifts for the Home for other Etsy ideas. Happy shopping and hooray for supporting handmade. Tomorrow, December 1, will be my final post and will include picks for the sweetie in your life.

Note: Photo credits belong to each of the Etsy vendors listed in this post.

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Thanks for all the holiday gift ideas Sophia. You have inspired me to look for the unusual and homemade.