Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrating Seven Years

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. I find it hard to believe it was seven years ago that we exchanged our vows at the Thursday Club in Ocean Beach. Really people, where did the time go?

Just hitched (2003).
To celebrate our anniversary, we took a long lunch, picked up sandwiches at the Stewart's Point Market and then had a picnic near the Gualala River. Came home to wrap up the work day and then watched the early efforts of the miner recovery in Chile while drinking root beer floats.

Bob and I traveled to Chile in 2008 and I was also there for four weeks in 2000, so we both feel an affinity for Chile and the Chilean people. Tears were rolling when I saw the first miner surface and hug his family. Yes, I am a total sap, I even cry at movie previews! Really though, it's nothing short of amazing at how well the rescue operations are unfolding. What an amazing example of perseverance by the miners and a commitment by the government to bring these men to the surface. As I write this, the second to last miner is coming to the surface.

Coincidentally, the mine collapse was August 5, the same day that we moved up to The Sea Ranch. It feels like we have been up here forever, so I can only imagine what it has been like for the miner, who have been trapped underground for that same amount of time. Craziness.


Irene said...

I felt the same way about the miners and Chile. How heartwarming it was to hear them sing the national anthem before they started the rescue! We watched the last miner come up and even Isabelle was clapping with the crowd. Unbelievable and unforgettable. You are not a sap, you are human :)

kayzar said...

I cried as well...reading the paper and listening to NPR. Well, cried and smiled and chanted Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le!

P. S. Happy anniversary you love birds. XO B

Sophia said...

Irene and Brenda - glad to know I had some partners in sobs. I am glad I was able to watch the first and last miner rescue and then also caught the last rescuer coming out. Still getting goosebumps over it.