Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Minute Camping Fun

Saturday afternoon my high school friend Paul came up to visit. We met in Mrs. Robertson's 12th grade English class and have kept in touch ever since. One of the highlights of being back in northern California is getting to catch up with old friends. Total bonus of being closer to my home town.

Shortly after Paul arrived, he mentioned something about how he has never camped, but really wanted to. Bob and I are always up for camping, and have been itching to take the VW Westy out for a little trip. So, after about 10 minutes discussion it was decided that a one-night camping trip was in order to check camping off of Paul's list.

Gualala Point Regional Park is located about five miles north of us. The park straddles both sides of Highway 1 along the Gualala River. The camping area is small, with just 19 sites. We arrived before sunset and found a great site with views to the Gualala River and at the base of some large redwoods. Just picture perfect!

Shortly after arrival, Bob checks out the map and plots the five-mile walk back home.
Having the VW Westy makes impromptu camping trips pretty easy. We just grab some clothes, our pre-packed camp boxes, pillows/blankets, some food, a water jug and the dog. We can be on the road in less than a 1/2 hour, ready for an adventure.

Lentil soup, bread and red wine for dinner, a toasty fire, and a Nutella, marhsmallow smore dessert and everyone was content. By 9:00 I was snug in the camper van drifting off to sleep.

Paul celebrates after putting up the tent.
Paul was a great camper and said he would camp again. This was even after he emerged from his tent in the middle of the night  to the sight of a big, big raccoon making fast work on our cheap Styrofoam cooler. All in all, a fun impromptu camping trip and a great time catching up with an old friend.

Post-breakfast photo from Paul's camera.

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