Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Trip: Timber Cove

We were married on October 12th, so the 12th of each month we try to plan a special breakfast. Sometimes it's a nice breakfast at home, or we might go out. This month, the 12th fell on a Sunday, so we decided to make it a day trip. We headed down the coast to the Timber Cove Inn. The inn sits on a dramatic rock outcrop and provides 270 degree ocean views, depending where you are on the property.

One of the more outstanding feature at the inn is the 93-foot tall statue/totem called Peace by artist Benny Bufano. It has paintings on both sides and kind of looms about where ever you are on the property. One things I learned about the artist is that he was very outspoken about war. Considered an outspoken radical at the time, he actually chopped off his trigger finger and sent it to President Woodrow Wilson at the onset of World War I as a protest against the war. Ouch!

I had a veggie omelet for breakfast and Bob had the Belgian waffle. The dining room has a cozy fireplace and floor to ceiling windows which provide dramatic coastline views. After breakfast we walked along the bluff top trail, enjoying the ocean breezes and nice vistas. There were seal lounging on rocks below us and it was really relaxing. The inn even has cute little red chairs scattered around the property for lounging and reading. Wouldn't it be nice to sit here and write in your journal or enjoy a glass of wine?

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