Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Network of over 1.2 Million

On Friday, I was inducted into the Gualala Rotary chapter. I attended some meetings as a visitor when we arrived up here and I was delighted when they extended an invitation to me to become a full member. Rotary has a long history of national and international service. In fact, their motto is Service Above Self. When we were in San Diego, I had considered joining a service organization. My father-in-law enjoys his Kiwanis club and I had a friend who was involved in Rotary and another in the Thursday Club. However, about the time I got serious in searching out the right organization, we had already planned our move up north. I figured I would wait until we were up here to make a commitment. Here is a photo of me after I was inducted and "pinned". I am getting a congratulations kiss on the cheek from the charming Mr. Fisher.

The Gualala Rotary group has a strong emphasis on supporting the local schools. The provide a fully-illustrated dictionary to all 3rd graders in the local elementary schools and they do a student scholars luncheon to recognize outstanding local students. In addition to supporting the local schools, they participate in "Project Santa" during the holidays and support other community activities as an ongoing basis. There are probably more activities that I am forgetting or not even aware of yet! Aside from the local activities, there is all the good work that the national Rotary does on global polio eradication and clean water projects. Needless to say, I am excited to be part of this great local group and the larger global Rotary network of over 1.2 million people. We are going to Mexico later this month, and there is actually a "Club Rotario" in the town we are visiting. Might be fun to check out a Rotary meeting in another country.

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kayzar said...

From a former 'Lion'...congratulations!